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BONJOUR Translation Agency operated under Penny Lane Translations brand from 2000 to May 2006, when the brand name was changed to Cornerstone Translations. From July 2014 we continue our business and provision of translation services as a new company - ООО "БОНЖУР ПЕРЕВОДЫ" (in Russian) / BONJOUR Translation Agency LLC (in English).

2000Penny Lane Consulting (since 2006 Cornerstone Executive Search), a headhunting company, expands and diversifies its business by opening Penny Lane translation agency. Nathalie Bagramiants, co-founder of the agency, is appointed the agency’s managing director.

2003. Penny Lane Consulting group of companies becomes a member of the American Chamber of Commerce.

2004. Penny Lane Translations's share in the Russian translations market by strategic sectors: Banking & Finance - 56%, Legal - 65%, Oil & Gas - 35% (the agency’s turnover in the specified sectors by year).

2005. Partnership Project with leading translation agencies operating in the CIS countries, and in Europe and the USA, is successfully completed and incorporated in the agency’s daily business. This enabled Penny Lane Translations to expand the geographical boundaries of its presence as much as possible while maintaining round-the-clock service, rapid turn-round and a stable price policy, which typify the company. And a second not insignificant aspect was to obtain information about the latest changes and achievements in the international translation market.

2005. Penny Lane Translations invests 4.5 million rubles in development. The company announced a campaign to reposition it, thus differentiating it from competitors to increase its share in the market for translation services.This campaign to promote Cornerstone Translations included not only an action plan to capitalize the brand, but other, no less important, programs which would enable it to achieve its objectives and facilitate development of translation activity as a whole. A subsequent area was the implementation of a multi-level program of professional adaptation for graduates and students in the final two years of leading universities and institutes in Moscow, and later throughout Russia. This project has profound social significance for young people. Forthcoming plans also include the development of a new area of business in terms of consulting. Its aim is to provide help to companies, which are interested in engaging their own group of translators, and also organizing training programs for corporate translators. Managing Director Nathalie Bagramiants is convinced “that the actions of Penny Lane Translations will consolidate the company’s position as an irreplaceable partner for its regular and new clients.”

2005. Nathalie Bagramiants, Managing Director of the agency, is among 'TOP 1000 Professional Executives in Russia' according to the Rating of Russian Managers’ Professional Reputation.

2006. Penny Lane Translations is awarded the Golden Star-2005 Prize founded by the 'Who's Who in the Translations Market' magazine as The Best Translation Agency for Financial and Legal Translations.

2006. Penny Lane Translations changes its brand name to Cornerstone Translations, along with Penny Lane Consulting rebranding to Cornerstone Executive Search.

2007Cornerstone group of companies becomes a member of the Association of European Businesses (AEB) and the Russian Association of Managers (RAM).

2007. Cornerstone is one of the Top-10 preferred Russian employers, according to E-xecutive. (13.03.2007). At the 13th international professional exhibition in Personnel Management there was a ceremony to award leaders in the Trust Category by E-xecutive. The leaders were determined by an open selection by participants of the community through Wish List. Among the companies who received awards were PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Microsoft, LUKOIL, the PromSvyazKapital Group, and Anсor.

2011. Cornerstone took the 12th Place in the category Your Favorite Companies by Vedomosti - Facebook (01.07.2011). Vedomosti.ru gave Facebook users the chance to vote for companies which they like most of all. The reasons for which the competition participants are liked could be any: from an attractive logo to a positive public image.

2011. Nathalie Bagramiants, Managing Director of Cornerstone Translations Agency, was accepted into the Russian Association of Writers and Translators and awarded the Chekhov Commemorative Medal for High Professional Achievements (12.07.2011). The Chekhov Commemorative Medal is an award founded in 2004 by the Russian Association of Writers and Translators, is given to people who have been awarded the Chekhov Literary Prize "for their contribution to contemporary Russian literature", and also to people who achieved outstanding success in the arts (writers, poets, artists, film makers) and in scientific activity. The official award ceremony was held at the Moscow municipal organization of the Russian Association of Writers on Bolshoi Nikitskaya Street. The award was presented by Vladimir Boyarinov, Chairman of the Management Board at the Russian Association of Writers and the Russian Association of Writers and Translators. This year there have been 300 candidates for the Chekhov prize, and the privilege of nominating them was granted to current members of the Russian Association of Writers. The works of each of the prize-winners had been assessed by experts and critics.

2011. Evgenia Markova, Director for Marketing and Public Relations at the Cornerstone Group, and Tatyana Uglova, HR Director, were placed in the 'TOP 1000 Russian

Managers' by the 'Kommersant' magazine (29.09.2011)

2012. Evgenia Markova, Director for Marketing and Public Relations at the Cornerstone Group, was mentioned in the category "Best PR Director" in the National Business Prize: 'Captains of Russian Business' organized by the 'Personnel Management' magazine (06.06.2012).

2014. In July 2014, Cornerstone Translations terminated its business operations within Cornerstone Group of Companies. We continue our business and provision of

translation services as a new company - ООО «БОНЖУР ПЕРЕВОДЫ» (in Russian), BONJOUR Translation Agency LLC (in English). Nathalie Bagramiants, remains the Owner and Managing Director of BONJOUR Translation Agency.



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