Charity and Social Projects


12/2014. BONJOUR does fundraising for our long time partner  'Life' Charity Foundation, by distribution and sale of a Christmas Star  handmade gift designed and manufactured by Bonjour Exclusive Gifts. For more information please click on Exclusive Gifts. You can buy the Christmas Star and help sick children with this purchase.

12/2013. Christmas and New Year gifts to children - patients of Republican Children Clinical Hospital through 'Life' Charity Foundation

Employees of BONJOUR Translation Agency (former Cornerstone Translations) for the next year running took part in the annual charity event of 'Life' Charity Foundation. We purchased Christmas gifts to children who at the moment undergo treatment in the Republican Children Clinical Hospital and wish all of them to get healthy soon!! 

12/2012. Financial and advertising support for 'Life' Charity Foundation to help sick children. 

Significant part of the budget for Christmas and New Year small gifts to the Agency's clients was transferred to this Foundation for daily needs of sick children and as payment for their treatment.

11/2011. "Book Drive" Event" by Pink Giraffe publisher

BONJOUR Translation Agency (former Cornerstone Translations) bought some wonderful books for sick children undergoing treatment and taken care of by 'Life' Charity Foundation. According to Nathalie Bagramiants, Owner of Bonjour: 'We participated in this event not accidentaly or at random choice, we have supported Life Charity Foundation for many years by now, both financially and by giving promotion support, and strongly believe that corportate charity activity is an important development step for any business, besides that it's always a blessing to be able to help people.'

12/2011. "Collecting Loose Change" - a campaign by the 'Sozidaniye' Charitable Foundation.

12/2010. New Year gifts for children from the Pokrov Orphanage, organized by Cloudwatchers company.

12/2009. Financial and advertising support for the 'Life' Charitable Foundation to help children. Part of the budget for New Year presents for the Agency’s clients was transferred to this Foundation, and a limited edition of 12 Photos of Moscow calendar was published to advertise the charity’s work.

11/2008. Financial support for the 'Gift of Life' ('Podari Zhizn') Charitable Foundation. Part of the budget for New Year presents for the Agency's clients was transferred to this Foundation.