Managing Director 

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Nathalie Bagramiants, Owner and Managing Director

Ms. Nathalie Bagramiants graduated from the Faculty of English and Spanish at the Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages after studying in the USA (Lakeside School, Seattle, WA) and in England (Merchant Taylors' School, London). After working successfully as a translator in two international law firms, Freshfields and Lovells, and also working for CNN and NTV, she returned to Moscow from the USA in 2000 on receiving an invitation to co-found and head Penny Lane Translations (from 2006 to 2014 - Cornerstone Translations), which at that time only existed on paper. From July 2014 Ms. Nathalie Bagramiants is the owner and founder of BONJOUR Translation Agency, successfully manages the agency’s entire business, including its social projects. 

Ms. Nathalie Bagramiants is among the Top-1000 Professional Executives in Russia according to the Russian Managers’ Professional Reputation ranking, 2005. Ms. Nathalie Bagramiants is a member of the Russian Association of Writers and Translators. 

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Please note that all correspondence should be sent to our offices at the following address:

if with a courier :  2, Trubnaya Sq., Neglinnaya Plaza Business Center, 2nd Floor, Moscow 127031 Russia


if by post :  3, М. Sukharevskaya Sq, AN1, Premises III, Office 9, Moscow 129090 Russia