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Описание изображения

Speed. Quality.

 Professionalism. Reputation.

 Ladies and Gentlemen, 

          Thank you for your interest in our services!

          We are honored to present BONJOUR Translation Agency, an agency successfully operating worldwide since 2000, the year of its foundation. From 2000 to 2006 we

worked under Penny Lane Translations brand, and from 2006 to 2014 we operated as Cornerstone Translations. In July 2014 Cornerstone Translations terminated its

business operations within Cornerstone Group of Companies, and we continue our business and provision of translation services as a new company - BONJOUR

Translation AgencyNathalie Bagramiants, remains the Managing Director of BONJOUR Translation Agency.

          We started this business as a boutique agency within a headhunting company, and have grown very fast into a global servicing company and a leader in the Russian

market, by offering first-rate professional translation and interpreting services, based on trust, honesty, and confidentiality. We continuously work towards building strong relationships with every client, by fulfilling clients’ tasks, often complex and urgent, by offering various extra services, and simply by making the clients’ working processes much easier with our help. 

          I’m pleased to say that throughout these years, I regularly receive ‘thank you’ letters from our clients, and we are recommended to partners of our clients, and

therefore, our work is highly satisfying to all of my staff. Professionalism and reputation are the two key assets we have!

                                                                                                                                                    - Nathalie Bagramiants, Managing Director

Why Use the Agency?

Translating requires quality, precision, promptness, and professionalism,which can mean pressure for companies, especially where valued clients are concerned. In-house staff can be too busy to undertake complex projects. Managers with bilingual client-specific knowledge can be too occupied to check lengthy documents. Stylistic variations between languages mean that work produced in-house needs native speakers to perfect the final text.

A high-level business meeting, or a visit at short notice, demands world-class conference interpreters, who are also skilled in intercultural communications. And it is here that BONJOUR Translation Agency offers you a full range of services relating to any and all the translating and interpreting needs of your company.

Areas of Expertise

  • Banking & Investments
  • Finance & Audits
  • Legal Practice
  • Oil & Gas
  • Industrial
  • Real Estate & Construction
  • IT & Telecommunications
  • Medicine, Pharmacy & Chemical
  • PR & Marketing
  • Arts & Humanities
  • Mass Media


11 Jan 2015 

In 2015 we will celebrate our 15th Anniversary in business in Moscow! Our translators' network is growing, the services we render daily become versatile and more client-oriented, and in the past 15 years we have developed into an effective

and attractive agency fully satisfying demands of our clients worldwide. Read more on this and other company news >>

Описание изображения

Achievements and Awards

2011. Nathaliе Bagramiants, Managing Director of BONJOUR Translation Agency,

was accepted to the Russian Association of Writers and Translators and awarded

the Chekhov Commemorative Medal for High Professional Achievements (12.07.2011)

2006. BONJOUR Translation Agency (at the time Penny Lane Translations) is awarded the Golden Star-2005 Prize founded by the 'Who's Who in the Translations Market' magazine as The Best Translation Agency for Financial and Legal Translations.

2005. Nathalie Bagramiants, Managing Director of the agency, is among 'TOP 1000 Professional Executives in Russia' according to the Rating of Russian Managers’ Professional Reputation.

Our Services

BONJOUR Translation Agency provides high quality professional translation and interpreting support for a wide range of languages, including the majority of European, Middle Eastern, and Asian languages. After carefully analyzing your needs, we select professional translators or conference interpreters to meet your specific

requirements. We are committed to providing the utmost in quality translations and customer service. Throughout our existence we have been consistently successful in the overall management, coordination and monitoring of client projects, which enables us to ensure that the multilingual needs of our clients are satisfied in full. We offer a truly cooperative and client-oriented approach. Unlike many of our competitors, we are more than just an agency that coordinates work between translators and interpreters. We do not simply process translations as they are needed, we develop a unique client portfolio based around individual needs. We follow a very

simple, but invariably successful, rule in our daily business: we develop long-term relationships with our clients.

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We produce accurate and terminologically precise translations that are consistent throughout single documents, series of documents, and multi-part projects. We can process large volumes of text quickly by engaging a group of translators who are skilled in team-work and are supervised by an editor for the project. All translations are edited and proofread by editors familiar with client-specific terminology.

We also do proofreading and editing of translations performed by clients or third parties. As an option, we offer the creation and updating of glossaries for on-going projects.

Conference Interpreting

Translators write; interpreters speak. Interpreting is divided into two types: simultaneous, used at the UN for example, in which the interpreter speaks at the same time as the speaker, often with the aid of audio

equipment, and consecutive, in which the speaker pauses after every few sentences to allow the interpreter to summarize.

We provide interpreters to give language support at conferences, seminars, business meetings, negotiations, court hearings, presentations, exhibitions, onsite work, and other events. We also arrange tourist guides, and personal interpreters. 

Notary Services

Pursuant to the laws of many countries, Russia included, many documents are subject to notarization and/or legalization (apostille). BONJOUR Translation Agency has concluded direct contracts with a few public notaries to provide notarization as quickly as possible to make it a convenient service to our clients.

We assist with: notarization of a translator’s signature, notarization of document copies, legalization (apostille)

Not all documents, even where they are translated and drafted properly, can be notarized because of certain rules in Russian law. In such cases, we offer:

BONJOUR Agency Certificate, which certifies that the translation is true and accurate (signed and sealed). 

Our Translators and Interpreters

BONJOUR Translation Agency employs professional translators and conference interpreters who specialize in particular industries, keep up-to-date with currently accepted terminology, and are certified by various professional associations and government agencies.

Translators translate into their native language. This rule ensures written fluency so that the translation doesn’t read like one. The only exceptions to this are when translator availability is very low. For instance, there may not be enough native-English speakers who have a solid grasp of Albanian in order to translate it, and a native Albanian who is almost fluent in English must do the translation. Then to ensure an excellent final product, close collaboration between a native-English speaking editor and the translator is an essential final step in the process.

It is worth saying that BONJOUR Translation Agency employs the best translators and interpreters. Why? The answer is very simple: BONJOUR Translation Agency before July 2014 worked as Cornerstone Translations and was a subdivision of Cornerstone headhunting company. We used the headhunters’ database and knowledge to find and hire the best candidates. And working in cooperation with the headhunters we have created enormous translators database, and selected and hired the best of them! Along with this, we conduct our own stringent testing, collecting references and recommendations.

BONJOUR Translation Agency is truly proud of all its translators, interpreters, editors, and other staff members, who have generated the success and reputation of the agency.

Описание изображения
  • native-Russian speakers, based in Moscow;
  • native-English speakers, and native speakers of other languages, based both in Moscow and in their hometowns;
  • journalists and copywriters, based worldwide: they work with PR & marketing texts, to produce accurate target translations;
  • editors, based worldwide: they are always native speakers of the ‘target’ language, and the final product will never be delivered to the client without first going through the hands of a professional editor. 


Irina NovikovaHead of Legal at Samsung Electronics Company
I would like to recommend Bonjour Translation Agency LLC as reliable partner who consistently delivers high quality service. Our company (Samsung Electronics) is very sensitive to the timing and I’m glad to mention that we always get our orders executed in a timely manner. Mrs. Bagramiants and her team are our trusted partners. 

Irina Novikova, Head of Legal, Samsung Electronics. March 24, 2018

Mikhail Dikopolski, Partner at Dentons Moscow

BONJOUR is a top-quality translation services provider in Russia. I’ve known the owner, Nathalie Bagramiants, for as long as 15 years and BONJOUR is always my first choice where top professional translators are needed. Ability to meet deadlines, excellent quality of translations and client care are the strongest points and are among the reasons to recommend BONJOUR’s services. Highly recommended. Mikhail Dikopolski, Partner, Dentons. November 26, 2015

Dennis Avrouschenko, Business Support Head / Capital Markets at Gazprombank

I would like to say thank you to Natalia and her team for professionalism and hard work in any project we made together for the past many years. I would recommend Natalia an her agency for both general matters and specific businesses in all that those professionals do. Many thanks. Dennis Avrouschenko". November 23, 2015

Elvira MuratovaManaging Partner at  CS EMEA
Natalie [Owner, Bonjour] is a good business manager, she has a vision of her business and always manages to find tailor made solution for each client. This business is

about quality, speed and accuracy - Natalie by all means has those qualities, she can accommodate any client even the most demanding and work around their schedule. She always develops her business, following the new regulations and rules. If you want to be up to date, have the best possible quality I would definitely recommend Natalie and Bonjour translation agency. February 23, 2015

Dmitry Nekhaevski, Director, Head of Legal & Compliance at Credit Suisse
One of the best and most professional translation agencies in Moscow by far. Excellent results delivered on time, sometimes on a very short notice. Management is

extremely responsive to improvement suggestions and takes them to heart. Never had a problem with Cornerstone [Bonjour since July 2014]. November 21, 2012

Alexander BychkovPartner at Baker & McKenzie
Based on my experience of communications with Natalie [Managing Director, Bonjour] I could confirm that she is a very good manager, excellent specialist in her field and also a nice person. October 15, 2012

Kirill BulatovHolding Companies Debt Origination Desk at VTB Capital
We have come to work with Natalia [Managing Director, Bonjour] several times, and her firm has demonsrated great quality and on-time delivery of translations. October 14, 2012

Elena SemaginaHead of Tax Expertise and Tax Risks Management at Vimpelcom
Natalie [Managing Director, Bonjour] is a great professional who effectively manages her operation activities. She always make the fulfilment of tasks in time. Natalie is very

sociable and has the great skills in client approach. October 15, 2012

Anna ShitovaChief Administrative Office at Rostelecom
I am happy to provide a reference for Natalie, Head of Cornerstone Translations [BONJOUR Translation Agency since July 2014] I have worked with for many times. I've known Natalie for more than 10 years and find her to be a great professional who runs her firm with integrity and skill and provides top quality services for her customers

across a wide range of industries. October 13, 2012

Vitaly KalyatinHead of IP Practice at RUSNANO

Natalie [Owner, Bonjour] is one of the best translators I've ever met with deep understanding of specificity of legal documents. March 31, 2008


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